Sloan's Lake is a thriving democracy. Will it survive Bruce’s descent into fascism?


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Synopsis of Scenes


Act I

Scene 1 – Election Day

Scene 2 – The Debate

Scene 3 – Only Me

Act II

Scene 1 – No Elections Today

Scene 2 – Bruce Is Great

Scene 3 – Long Live The King

Scene 4 – Election Day (Reprise)

Cast of Characters

The Story

Act I

It’s Election Day. Bea the Bee dutifully circles the Lake of Lakes, the Home of a Hundred Species. She calls one animal from every species to the Grand Assembly, where all official Lake business is decided by democratic vote. But this year, something’s different. Bruce the Goose wants to replace the Grand Assembly with his own unchallenged authority. After a vigorous debate, Scout the Trout casts the deciding vote and elects Bruce, plunging the Lake into a fascist dictatorship.

Act II

One year later, the Lake is a sad dystopia. Everyone’s been drafted into Bruce’s army. As they prepare to invade the Next Lake Over, it becomes clear to everyone that Bruce has lost his mind – that his vanity and pride keep him from serving the public interest. Bruce’s lust for war medals weighs him down so much he sinks to the bottom of the Lake. Everyone realizes Bruce is gone and decides to bring back the Grand Assembly. They hold another Election Day, restoring the Lake to a democracy.

TIME: Present day
PLACE: Sloan’s Lake, Denver

Perform Bruce The Goose

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